jeudi 12 janvier 2012


Essais de bijoux de sacs... Avec des perles filées au chalumeau, d'un diamètre de 2 cms.
First attempts for handbag jewelry, with lampwork beads (diameter 2 cms).

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stregata a dit…

These are lovely, my dear Vero.
I don't know why you weren't able to view the photos on my blog - are you still having this problem?

Riki Schumacher a dit…

Hi Vero, lovely key chains, the colors are beautiful!! Take care my sweet one! Xoxo Riki

Doris a dit…

Sehr schöne Farbmischung.....

Liebe Grüsse Doris

Rembrandt Charms a dit…

I am guessing that these are key chains and they look so very pretty...I also agree that embellishments ad jewelry can be added to our life in more ways than one.

FARBtonS a dit…

Hi Veronique

Nice to have you also on my blog! Than'x for your loveley comment :-)
Hope to hear more from you in the future, I will also have my eyes on your nice blog.
Have a good evening,
Regards Simone

babobead a dit…

Dear Veronique, thanks for your comment. Yes, I speak english:)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Veronique,

my "commentaire" function at my Blog doesn't work well. It's impossible to read them and I can't answer.

I sell my equipment via german suppliers like Audrey Otterbein/ Glasgestaltung, Ombos/Christiane Strauß and some others.

Hope this is helpful for you.

You're welcome to my Blog!

Greetings, Anke

Steph a dit…

Elles sont très belles, tes perles! :)

Neha Crea a dit…

Coucou Véronique, j'écrivais une petite réponse à ton commentaire puis finalement, voyant la longueur de celui ci je me suis dit que je devrais le continuer ici.

Je te disais donc, que j'avais parcouru à nouveau ton blog partant à la recherche d'une clé à perle, mais je n'en ai pas vue, je te fais donc cette requête Véronique, de nous montrer ces fameuses clés! ma curiosité est piquée au vif !

Je ne me lasse pas de voir les couleurs de tes perles, c'est exactement ce que j'aime, j'éprouve encore des difficultés à associer les couleurs, je manque encore de pratique ! et je manque surtout de couleurs !!

Nous avons des points communs toutes les deux! d'où viens tu ?

silvermoon a dit…

Salut Véronique,
oui je vent les sacs sur mon blog. Le sac en cuire j'ai déja vendu.
La tu peux voire ce que je vent:


Angus a dit…

Apologies for :
1) Not having replied to your comment. For some reason known only to Google it disappeared in Spam but not on the blog.
I only found it now when told that your comment had been deleted. I promise you it hadn’t.
2) For not being there when you came by. We were in London and would love to have seen an old friend of
Wilfs. We remember your Native Jewellery comments for their great kindness and warmth. It was very kind of you to
come in search of the PONs and for bringing rice cakes and two toys. I’m told they are currently being savaged.
3) For the behaviour of Bob and Sophie. We are told they were extremely territorial when you showed up at the gate.
I promise you they are not usually like this but they get very territorial when we are away and they are being looked after
by friends.