samedi 10 octobre 2009


Hello ladies,

Do you recognize me ?

Yes it's me ... The famous round robin, ooh, may i say, one of the round robins who fly over the world and the ocean (that's why you can see a globe behind me) ,to symbolize the most beautiful friendship adventure between five ladies who decided to create a ten hands necklace (that's why i wear a necklace ;-)

Two of them are from United States, Cindy at "Sweet bead studio", who is the initiatrice of the deal, Sharon at "Livewire jewelry", one from Germany, Renate at "Put a little magic in your life"
and two from France, Esther at "Mes illusions baroques", and Véronique at "Narrative jewelry".

They decided to let us, lovely round robins, explaining the game. Ahem... Each of them have started a part of a necklace, send it to the next one who will add her own part to the necklace, and again pass it on. Allright everybody ?

The fact is (as i was speaking with the other robins), all of them are really proud and honored to be working together without knowing each other, only by admiring one's work.

Oh, and they said they will show you the result of this beautiful project.

Good luck to the five ladies.

samedi 3 octobre 2009


Hello girls,

Thank you so much for all the comments on my precedent post, it encourages me to continue with copper and etching. It gave me lots of fun to do that, discovering what will happen with baking soda and sand sheet, not too much, just enough, to pop out the image.

Well... May i introduce my first rings, for you, friends ?
Let me know what you really think about them, it is just an attempt, work in progress... of course !

And for those who love ducks, i found this one...

The last pic for today. My next attempts would be on brass, Renate sent me a sheet of it, the color is so lovely that i need to try.

Have a beautiful evening.