mardi 22 décembre 2009


May be the beginning of a collection...

This ring is handmade, of course, but the question is, made of what ? Ah ah ! If you find the answer for the first days of January, it will belong to you. Yeeessss.

As i intend to open my Etsy shop for January, it is a sort of giveaway.

But, not so easy...

As you can see, i put a little chinese coin on it, and a vintage button with a crystal on the top. The ring is hammered brass and adjustable. The diameter is 1,5 "

I have some of these handmade "rings", and am starting a collection with them, some rings, but some pendants too, with lots of different colours.

Here a photo of two future pendants, just the time to find the type of links, and if i added something or let them alone.

Time for me to wish all of you a merry Christmas, and send all my thoughts to all the friends i met here in bloglandia who suffer, or lost someone they loved.

Best wishes and merry Christmas.

With love,

mercredi 2 décembre 2009


Yes, thank you ladies for your answers and encouragements concerning my future Etsy shop. Well, i now have to work on it with the help of my sweet Esther. I can understand that you are really interested by french supplies as buttons, laces, etc... So, let's go for it.

Those two necklaces are "work on progress", the heart (on the right side) is made with porcelain beads and copper wire, hammered and oxydizied. The focus bead (on the left side) is polymer clay, texturized with stamps, and painting with acrylics and some gold and copper wax.