jeudi 20 août 2009

Do you know Lilla ?

A new pair of earrings made with black polymer clay, added to old french coins, people used after the second world war. The pendant beads are indian metal.

BUT the most important for now, is that i receive my first giveaway (yeeees). My friend Lilla le Vine from Hawaï will send me one of her lovely creation.

Take the time to stop by her blog, she makes stunning feminine things with laces, fabrics and pictures. She is very inventive and her world is so delicate. I am a great fan of her. Look at her gallery, that will give you and idea of some of her work.

And by the way, i want here, to thank so so much all of you, dear friends who let comments on my blog and my Flick gallery. It is very important for me to think i have followers in my creative progress. I love you all...

Little bracelet made with indian metallic beads my mother in law gave me, a button and some pearls.

Something simple in fact, but i wear it every day, it is simple, pure, and i love the combinaison of metal and pearl.

Did i ever mentioned i love the work of
Christi Friesen ? Her world is just amazing, colorful, funny, imaginative. And a friendly girl too, with a great sense of humour, always sharing her finds. Well, in a few words, i love her...

Here is my interpretation of a turtle. I made it last year, just work in progress of course...

mercredi 12 août 2009

When watermelon becomes a chandelier...

Hi everyone,

Do you remember my two pairs of earrings, called "watermelon", well, something strange happened to them.

Yes, a sort of mutation. They mixed together, i don't want to know how (...) and, well,... girls... i'm happy to introduce the new baby," LILLIBULLE"'s chandelier !

Isn't it so cute ? Something from momy pink and daddy green. And above, this bronze filigree looking after his little beads.

No, no, i didn't turn mad, the story is true. And that's what i gonna tell my sweet Esther, (aka) Lillibulle.

Last day, she wrote me she is crazy about earrings, but shhhh, it's just between you and me. Her colors : pink, green anise and turquoise. For the moment, turquoise is playing with copper... nothing happened. But, wait...

Oh, you know what ? Lillibulle is a sweet person, beautiful soul, (and beautiful girl too...), and i want to thank her with this gift, for all the things she shares with me about jewelry and creation.

One more time, shhhh, it's a secret. Do you think she'll love them ?

samedi 8 août 2009


Rosary spring is a necklace full of colors, although i began by doing a sort of rosary.

I found it lovely but, as i was looking for some rest, i wake up and said to myself, what about adding some colors ? It won't be so sober and more funny !

You can wear it as a necklace, or convert it into a bracelet as well. Wraps around the wrist 3 times.

In the mean time, i created a pair of earrings (my baker's wife asked for them).


Hey bloggers (as the talented Tim Holtz says) !

Before all, thank you so so much for visiting my blog. Your delighful comments make my days.

Today some pics of few of my new jewelry.

I called the one above, "watermelon", i love that word and these colors (and i know one of my friend does too...). Look at the transparency i caught ! you can see bubbles inside the beads, love that !

These earrings have glass beads, very simple (for the moment), i intend to mix them with something else and may be change the wire, what do you think of... patinated copper ?