samedi 8 août 2009


Hey bloggers (as the talented Tim Holtz says) !

Before all, thank you so so much for visiting my blog. Your delighful comments make my days.

Today some pics of few of my new jewelry.

I called the one above, "watermelon", i love that word and these colors (and i know one of my friend does too...). Look at the transparency i caught ! you can see bubbles inside the beads, love that !

These earrings have glass beads, very simple (for the moment), i intend to mix them with something else and may be change the wire, what do you think of... patinated copper ?

3 commentaires:

Lilla a dit…

Your work is lovely and I appreciate you visiting me.
I will try to answer your questions about French supplies.
The only things I actually get in Paris are postcards and photos, and ideas.
NZ where I am from, is good for old lace from France, been in the homesteads for 100 yrs and one can find in certain shops.
We love France so NZ is quite a good source.
I buy French magazines and then try to make the things myself in my studio. Most turn out pretty good. Others get thrown away.
aloha from the Islands

SharonP a dit…

I love the translucent colors you chose to represent watermelon! For me, I would leave the sterling silver because it evokes lighteness and summer, whereas patinated copper is dark and fall/winter feeling. But that's just my opinion! Your earrings are beautiful.

lilibulle a dit…

very cute!! i vote for dark patina!!