dimanche 19 juillet 2009


Long necklace on a wire wrapped chain. The pendant is polymer clay handmade, textured and colored with alcohol inks.

The amber bead is wire wrapped too and the other beads are ceramic and glass, added, little english coins and vintage bronze filigree.

This necklace belongs now to a dear friend of mine, Aliette, who helps me to develop in our country, a group of designers, artists and self taught people concerned by all sorts of arts.

(Long collier monté sur chaîne bronze, le pendentif est en argile polymère texturée et colorée aux encres alcool.

La perle ambre est montée sur fil métal. Les autres perles sont en céramiques et verre. J'ai également rajouté quelques piécettes anglaises et deux filigree bronze.

Ce collier appartient désormais à une amie chère à mon coeur, Aliette, avec qui j'ai crée dans ma région, une association d'artistes, de créateurs et d'autodidactes qui ont le désir de développer ensemble toutes sortes d'arts.)

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The Joy of Nesting a dit…

What a wonderful piece!! It has all my favorite colors. It's also nice and chunky but in a very feminine way!! Bueautiful!! Esta muy bonita!!

May I ask a favor?? If it's not to difficult would you consider adding a translater to your blog?? I would love to read your feelings and thoughts about you creations!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Lilla a dit…

Merci beaucoup mon ami.
Love your jewelry and I am pleased you come by my place.
I did add some thoughts about Frida on my blog. You make such lovely things, you will have no problem creating a Frida.

Steph a dit…

Il est très beau! Ton amie doit être comblée!

Joella a dit…

I my gosh...your stuff is beautiful. I'll be checking in often...I am now a follower:)

sharon a dit…

Beautiful colors and a gorgeous pendant!

sharon a dit…

Oh , I forgot, the balls on the end of the copper are from torching and melting them with a propane torch, nothing else special!

robin dudley-howes a dit…

Oh so very pretty! All of your jewelry I love it!

robin dudley-howes a dit…

Thanks for flying over to my nest. I would LOVE to come to France and teach a workshop on soldering! Just provide the students and I'll come!

The Joy of Nesting a dit…

I must confess I'm not sure how to add a translator with your blog host. But what I did was google translators then picked out the google one there are others also. When you go to the translator's site it has instructions on how to inbed it into your blog :)

Thank you so much for your visit and I look forward to visiting you again even if you can't translate it. :) Your talent transends languages like all artist work should!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

The Joy of Nesting a dit…

Oh my goodness!!

You have done a wonderful job translating this!!!!! I wish I could do as well in Spanish!!! I also had LW help me put a google translater on my tool bar. This is so wonderful because I can now read your thoughts about your pieces!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

perlerouge a dit…

Très beau collier, je me ballade sur ton blog en cette matinée très chaude, et c'est du pure bonheur.
J'aime beaucoup ton style et les bijoux que tu crée
Bizz Nati