dimanche 7 mars 2010


Hi ladies,

There was a long time since i did not show jewelry.

So, here is a necklace i made sometimes ago, inspired by the talented Deryn Mentock. I added one of my very first lampwork bead, a Effetre dark blue transparent. Gorgeous colour even if i am not really a blue girl !

The copper wire is hammered and patinated with LOS. The photo doesn't show the hook i made in the middle to attach the pendant, sorry.

And something new for me, because of my new torch, a Minor, i can make my own balls ends with copper. Yeaaaah ! That's a personal message for my sweet Esther at "Mes illusions baroques".

Below is my beloved Lemongrass glass by Vetrofond. A wonderful yellowish green.

I am really crazy with this colour,
and am pretty sure my dear Renate, at "Put a little magic in your life" will adore it too.

Making lampwork beads is a great great pleasure i have discovered a month ago.
Great adventure to take time to play with the rods and gravity when the glass melts.

Trying to make, as all newbies, swirls, dots, bubbles, flowers.

My next step is to try Double Helix, aka silver glass. A bit more difficult because i have to reduce the oxygen, or play with the fire, by "striking".

Thank you dear ladies to stay my regular readers even if i do not post a lot. Thank you for all your sweet comments.

Oh, and please, do not forget to go on Christinne Damm's blog at "Story they tell", she is doing something important for her sister in law, Vila, who was diagnosed with leukemia. She needs your help.