mardi 29 septembre 2009


Hi girls,

I can see the "how to" concerning muriatic acid added to hydrogen peroxyd from Barbara Lewis at Jewelry of distinction made a lot of fan. Thank to her for sharing with us this so simply way for etching metal.

Leslie shown us her results, which are great, but she is unsatisfied by the ink she used.

So, Leslie, i tried this afternoon with Stazon ink and stamp pads. Honestly, i love the result, it encourages me to go on with this technique.

And i have here to thank Lilibulle for her help in explanations and her patience, and Renate at Put a little magic in your life who send me the copper sheets. Love you gals.

dimanche 27 septembre 2009


My sweet friend Renate from "Put a little magic in your life" (and a so kind girl), shown us her afternoon at a flea market, and share with us the treasures she found but not buy, because they were too expensive.

So she gave me the idea to show you some pics of my own visit this afternoon to a flea market not far from my home, and the little things i bought (because they were inexpensive).

Some forks and spoons, not only to lay the table, but most surely for some lovely bracelets... or pendants, why not ?

Oh do you see the lovely girl at the end of the forks ? She is my baby cat, it seems i gonna eat her at dinner, no ? No, too lovely !
Except the kitty, all is silver, with the hallmark on them.

The red velvet under the forks and spoons is the top of a piano stool, i gonna make it as good as new.

After making jewelry, or even before... my passion is to renovate old chairs, and i am always looking for them.

And for mixed média, some (i don't know how to call them !) locks in metal and a "bocfil" for jewelry. You can see on the right side, some old french coins.

And the cuttiest, an old top of ring hotel, in metal too.

For the end, some "cartes postales" of old Paris, Hope you enjoyed those treasures.

dimanche 20 septembre 2009


My sweet friend Lillibulle offers you a giveaway to celebrate her new Etsy shop. Take time to look at her gorgeous creations here and now here.

Her jewelry is the reflect of her human being, colorful, funny, inventive, full of generosity and this little bit of madness which made her so frenchie.