dimanche 20 septembre 2009


My sweet friend Lillibulle offers you a giveaway to celebrate her new Etsy shop. Take time to look at her gorgeous creations here and now here.

Her jewelry is the reflect of her human being, colorful, funny, inventive, full of generosity and this little bit of madness which made her so frenchie.

4 commentaires:

The Joy of Nesting a dit…

Oh I'm so glad you posted my Little French Sister!!

I have missed reading you blog!! :(
It is so exciting that Esther has finally gained enough self confidence to open her ETSY store!!!! Her jewelry is truly beautiful as yours is!!! Will you be posting some of your new work soon??? HINT hint!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

sharon a dit…

I could not have given a better discription for the Frenchie!!! She is DIVINE! We all love you both! Now let's go Vero....we can see more of your creations too!

Cindy a dit…

Hi Vero - I agree with Pattie and Sharon...missed seeing your work here. :-)

Esther a dit…

véro!! comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee back!!!!! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!