jeudi 11 juin 2009

Des pendants d'oreilles montés sur pendentifs métal de récup', deux petites pièces anglaises et quelques perles de cornaline. Le tout torsadé de métal patiné.

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lilibulle a dit…


Julie H a dit…

Your blog makes me wish I spoke French, wbat wonderful jewellery and the polymer beads below are stunning.

Thank you for your help and visit at my blog.

Lilla a dit…

How nice of you to visit my blog,
I do appreciate it. Merci .
Love your jewelry and want to try some more myself. Always seem to do fiber work, will make some wired beads now I am enthused.
I am in the swap on Flickr group Gas Mamma, next swap will be wire wrapped fabric charms.
You may like to visit there.
aloha, au revoir, Lilla