dimanche 3 janvier 2010


Yeees, i have a winner for my December giveaway !!!
So, "Mademoiselle Poupette", my lovely girl decided to celebrate it by eating some "galette des rois" ! Of course she won the crown, but difficult for me to take a photo whithout moving.

Marcie at "The rustic victorian" found the material i used for the blue-gold ring, it was... UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) from Ranger. Please Marcie, let me know your address and i will send you the ring.
Do not forget to take a look at her lovely blog, even the banner is gorgeous.

I really love playing with UTEE. Funny joke to mix colors in the melting pot, pouring them in a cake pan, and voila, donuts are made. Up to you to develop the idea. For this ring, i used gold, white, and Denim blue powders. That what gave the marbled effects on it.

Thank you so so much ladies for all your answers and the good ideas you found, i am so proud to see all your comments.

Ooooh, and don't forget that my dear Sharon at "Livewire jewelry" has a lovely giveaway for the first monday of the new year. A wonderful "make a wish" bracelet which was featured in Bead Trends January 2010 issue.

Just leave a comment on her blog, or email her, or take a look at her Flick. You can enter till midnight on January 16th. The winner will be picked on the 17th and announced on Monday the 18th. Good luck ladies...

May i wish you the best for all of you and your families for this new year, hope 2010 will be plenty of love, ideas, creations and friendship.

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Riki Schumacher a dit…

Hi Vero, congrats to Marcie! I didn't know what that was, now we do! Just fabulous. Thanks for letting us know about Sharon's giveaway. Happy New Year to you as well. It will be a great one!

diane a dit…

Happy New Year Veronique!
Your blog is always so gorgeous to look at =) Take care and happy creating in 2010!

Cindy a dit…

Happy New Year to you dear Vero! I had no idea and would have never guessed UTEE...I need to look in to this stuff, it's all new to me! Your sweet kitty is a cute one. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start! :-)

stregata a dit…

Bonne annee!! Give the lovely Mademoiselle Poupette a kiss from me, please!
Congrats to the winner! That UTEE seems to be amazing stuff and I really love what you did with it! So gorgeous!

sasha and max a dit…

Hi Vero _ so that is your gorgeous kitten - she is divine and so fluffy! Give her a cuddle from me, Sasha and Max! Happy new year,

Jen Crossley a dit…

Hi Vero
I hope you have a wonderful New Year and a creative
new Year

Julie H a dit…

Oh Blast, I looked and thought, "It can't be UTEE.. I wonder what it is?" Congratulations to Marcie!

sharon a dit…

Happy New Year Vero! I don't know why, but your blog never changes position on my blogroll when you change the post, so sometimes I miss it! So sorry! I looooove your creations! Thanks so much for the mention....you are sooo sweet! Hugs my friend!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi a dit…

Congrats to Marcie! Oh, and I can't wait to see your Etsy shop up and running soon.

The Rustic Victorian a dit…

Oh my goodness!!! How awesome!!! Thankyou so much!!! Happy Dance!!
Lucky guess!
I will email you,

Manuela a dit…

Thank you so much for your lovely comments in my blog.
Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and now I am going to discover your blog ☺, I guess it will be a wonderful journey,
♥ Manuela

Hot Rocks a dit…

There is an award waiting for you on my blog!

The Rustic Victorian a dit…

I cannot find a way to email you????help!!

The Joy of Nesting a dit…

Forgive me Ronita!!!

How could I let this posting slip by without noticing:( I have read a bit about UTEE it is very intriguing. Oye finding it here would mean a trip to Mexico City, because if it is in this country that's where it would be. Hmmm I could put it on my wish list for the next trip north. What you have done with it is truly beautiful!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

The Rustic Victorian a dit…

May I mention also,,,alot of the oriental comments,like the one above,in Chinese or something, is very naughty,,,it has hit my blog and many others are getting them... I hate it when that happens.
They went to different old posts with it about 6 times and, In a couple of days they may do it again.. dosent seem to be virius filled.
Thought you may want to know everybody.

Cris Leonard a dit…

Mademoiselle Poupette is beautiful! Such an elegant lady.

The Rustic Victorian a dit…

Thank you Vero for the wonderful ring. It arrived last evening and it is truely wonderful and it fits without any adjustment at all. How creativly you packaged the jewel. I will save the french book paper wrapper, and make something someday with it... Your business card is wonderful too.
Thank you so much, so much.

Mousie/Paisible a dit…
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Stacey Bruce a dit…

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Julie at Prairie Thistle is so kind to make the introduction. I absolutely love your jewelry! I'm looking forward to taking a closer look at your artwork. The blogging community is fascinating and I'm so happy to be a part of it. Thank you again for taking your time. I look forward to reading your posts! Stacey Bruce Photography

知道 a dit…


Anneke a dit…

thank you for your visit.
it is always a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog and work.
have a wonderful weekend

Riki Schumacher a dit…

Thank you so much for stopping by, you are such a sweetie. How are you, what's going on in your life these days. It's been quiet! Take care Vero, miss you. Thanks for the kind words about my necklace. Riki